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Rental F A Q


Q:  How often do rates change?


Like all car rental companies, Mease Rental rates are subject to change at any time. Mease Rental attempts to provide you the best value every day. Once you confirm your reservation, your rate will not change.


Q:  Are your rates guaranteed?

If you have a confirmed reservation, the price you will pay is locked in. If your itinerary changes, that could cause your rate to go up or down, depending on the prices in effect when you make your change.

Generally speaking, your best strategy is to confirm the reservation as soon as you know your rental car needs. In most cases, you can cancel your reservation any time before the rental date without any penalty.

Q:  Do you offer pick up service?

Mease Rental does offer a pick up service, see Rental Policies page.

Q:  Do you deliver vehicles?

In most cases, we do not offer delivery. We do, however offer a pick up service. See previous question.

Q:  Can I take the car out of the state in which I’m renting?

Yes, Mease Rental vehicles are permitted to leave Pennsylvania. However, under no circumstance are Mease Rental vehicles allowed to enter New York City.

Q:  What do I need to rent a vehicle?

All drivers must possess a valid driver’s license issued in their state of residence, and an acceptable means of payment as identified in the Rental Policies page.


Q:  Can I modify an existing reservation?

In most cases, you can make changes to your reservation any time prior to the requested pick-up time.


Q:  What is your Cancellation Policy?

Most reservations have no cancellation penalty at any time before the scheduled arrival time. Please help us keep our costs low by canceling any reservations you cannot use.


Q:  What insurance does Mease Rental offer?

The renter is responsible for any damage to the vehicle or liability that occurs during the rental period. Mease Rental offers Renters Collision Policy (RCP) that will release you from the responsibility of collision damage. Your personal car insurance must provide coverage if RCP is not purchased. Please check with your insurance agent before your travel date. See Rental Policies for more Insurance information.


Q:  What is the minimum age for a renter?

Mease Rental rents to drivers at least 21 years of age. 


Q:  What if I receive a Parking Ticket or use a Toll Road?

Parking tickets, driving citations issued and use of Toll Roads during the rental period is the financial responsibility of the renter. Any/All charges for Parking Tickets, driving citations or Use of a Toll Road that go unpaid are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. In turn, the renters’ credit card is charged for any/all charges associated with Unpaid Parking Tickets and/or Toll Usage plus a service charge for each unpaid item. In order to avoid such charges the renter will need to: Pay parking tickets directly to the issuing municipality upon receiving the ticket.


Q:  What if I have additional drivers?

Mease Rental permits additional drivers. Please notify the Mease Rental staff when completing your rental reservation, before you pick up your vehicle. All additional drivers must meet the same requirements as the primary driver. 


Q:  Can I rent a vehicle one way?

No, Mease Rental vehicle must be returned to the same location.

Q:  What if Mease Rental runs out of vehicles?

We try our best to manage our inventory to satisfy every customer reservation. However, there can be cases, such as accidents or late returns, where we do not have the vehicle as planned. Rest assured that Mease Rental takes responsibility to make sure you are accommodated at no additional charge.



Q:  When will I get charged?

Mease Rental will authorize a security deposit on the required, major credit card at time of rental pick up. Actual rental charges will be paid when vehicle is returned. See Rental Policies for more information.

Q:  Do you accept cash or debit cards?

Cash or debit cards are accepted upon vehicle return for final payment. See Rental Policies for rules regarding cash/debit cards for security deposit upon rental pick up.

Q:  Must the drivers license and major credit card used for the rental, be in the same name?

Yes, Mease Rental requires that drivers license and major credit match the name of the renter or additional renters.


Q:  Are there any hidden costs?

The Estimated Total Price includes all mandatory charges, taxes, and fees. There may be additional charges for insurance waivers, special equipment,  additional mileage, fuel or other items as identified on the Rental Policies page.


Q:  Refund for early return?

In most cases, if you return the vehicle early, we will recalculate the rate and charge you the rate applicable to the length of time you actually had the vehicle. However, please be aware that a shorter rental may put the costs into a different rate plan. For example a 7-day rental may be calculated with a low weekly rate, but a 6-day rental may actually be higher based on 6 single-day charges.


Q:  Special discounts?

Mease Rental offers discounts for membership in organizations such as AARP, U.S.Military or AAA.


Q:  What kinds of vehicles do you offer?

Mease Rental offers economy cars, mid-size sedans and full-sized cars, along with minivans, 12/15-passenger vans, a box truck, a pick-up truck and a cargo van.


Q:  Special license for large vans?

A normal vehicle operator's license can be used with vans up to 15-passenger capacity.


Q:  Accident or breakdown?

Your safety is our top concern. If you experience an accident, please contact the Mease Rental office using the phone number printed on your rental agreement as soon as practical after dealing with all medical issues or imminent danger.

If you experience a mechanical breakdown, please contact the Mease Rental office as soon as possible after the breakdown so that we can work with you to solve the problem. You should attempt to contact the rental office before performing or ordering any repairs on the vehicle.


Q:  Rental extensions?

The rental agreement is for a specific period as requested in your reservation. It is your responsibility to return the vehicle on or before the return time in the rental agreement. However, we realize that unforeseen events can affect your plans. If it is necessary to return a vehicle late, please contact Mease Rental using the phone number printed on your rental agreement so that we can make our best efforts to accommodate your change in plans.

However, please understand that we may have promised that vehicle to another customer, based on your promised return time. Please contact us as soon as you know of a change in plans.


Q:  How can I resolve a problem?

Mease Rental prides themselves in offering the highest levels of customer service. If any difficulties arise, please contact the Mease Rental office for a resolution.