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Oil Changes

Affordable Oil Changes near Harrisburg, PA

Your vehicle’s engine has hundreds of parts working together, when they rub against each other there is friction. Friction produces massive amounts of heat that can cause massive amounts of damage to your engine. That’s why oil is so essential to a well running engine. Oil has two jobs in an engine, to lubricate the engine and cool parts as it circulates.

If your engine were to run out of oil, the moving parts would produce so much heat the engine would lock up. Once your engine seizes up there is no way to fix it, instead you’re shopping for a new engine. We can all agree that oil is a very big factor in a working engine. Overtime the molecules in the oil breaks down and the oil no longer works as effectively. In addition, debris including dust and dirt can work their way into your engine and your oil. This is why changing the oil is so important.

You’ve probably noticed that engines run much more smoothly on clean fresh oil. Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to keep your engine running well. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended miles between oil changes. Late model vehicles no longer adhere to the 3,000 miles standby, some go much longer.

Mease Motors offers oil changes by our skilled technicians. At our auto repair shop in Jonestown, you'll find our prices are some of the lowest prices in Harrisburg, PA. Our 5 quart oil changes are just $18.87, while 6 quarts and up are $22.64. When you sign up for our VIP Program, you can save even more on regular maintenance services.