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Car Rentals Available in Lebanon, PA

Get Where You Need to Go with an Easy and Convenient Rental at Mease Motors

Sometimes you just need to rent a car. Maybe your car is in the shop. Maybe you need to travel, but don't have a reliable vehicle. Maybe you just don't want to put a lot of miles on your new car. Either way, the place to get great car rentals available in Lebanon, PA is Mease Motors.

No matter what you may need your rental for, Mease Motors has the vehicle you need. Small economy cars are popular for every day commutes and will easily fit into a small budget. If you have a large family or are planning a longer journey, we also carry a variety of minivans and SUVs to fit all your travelling companions and all your gear. Maybe you need a large van for a large group? We also have 15-passenger vans available.

Moving can be a challenge when you drive a small car. At Mease Motors you can easily rent a box truck, cargo van, or pickup truck to help make your move easier. These vehicles are also helpful if you are working on a large DIY project.

Renting a vehicle from Mease Motors is easy. Reserving car rentals available in Lebanon, PA is as simple as calling or reserving online. We try to keep our rental rates as low as possibe to help you rent exactly the vehicle you need within your budget. Once you reserve your rental, you won't have to worry, we will not change your rate. You can even make changes to your reservation any time prior to pick up and cancel anytime before the date without penalty.

Renting  a car doens't have to be difficult. At Mease Motors, not only are we determined to get you the best rate on a rental, better than the larger rental agencies, but we make it easy to get behind the wheel. all you have to do is 25 years of age or older with a vaild driver's liscence. We do rent to drivers between the ages of 21-24, but we do charge extra. Similarly, if you do not have personal insurance that will cover the cost of any damage of the rental, you must purchase our Renters Collision Policy (RCR).

What happens if you are in an accident? When the accident occurs, after you and your passengers are safe, contact our office before any repairs are made. If you are in an accident you are liable for any damage unless you purchase our RCR policy. If there is a mechanical failure, please be sure to contact the office before you make any repairs.

When you are in need of a vehicle, for what ever reason, be sure to come in to Mease Motors and check out our car rentals available in Lebanon, PA. We are here to help you get behind the wheel and to your intended destination.

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