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Car Rentals Available in Jonestown, PA

Rentals That Will Fit Your Budget Without the Hassle

When you need a rental car, don't look to those larger rental agencies. Come into Mease Motors and check out our great supply of car rentals available in Jonestown, PA. We have the right car for your needs at a price that will fit your budget.

You may think that renting a vehicle is expensive and difficult, but that can't be further from the truth when you rent at Mease Motors. We are determined to keep you in your budget while still offering your a great selection of vehicles. We even make the process easy with online reservations.

All you need to rent a vehicle from us is to be age 25 or older with a valid driver's liscense, current address, and two contact numbers. We also require that you have insurance that will cover any damage to the rental or that you purchase our Renters Collision Policy. We do rent vehicles to persons age 21-24, but we do charge an extra fee.

Our selection is easily comparable to those larger agencies. We have small economy cars that will save you money on fuel. We have larger SUVs and minivans for family vacation, some even come equipped with the latest in entertainment technology to keep everyone occupied. We even offer box vans, cargo vans, and pickup trucks if you need to move or carry cargo or supplies.

Once you've found the right car rentals available in Jonestown, PA, you can guarantee your rate by reserving the vehicle. Once you've made your reservation your rate will not change unless you change the terms of your rental. You are able to make changes to your rental up until you are scheduled to pick up your vehicle. We even offer penalty free cancellations up to the date of the reservation.

Now that you are sitting behind the wheel of your Mease Motors rental, you might be worried about possible collisions or malfunctions. Don't worry. Though you are responsible for the vehicle, we offer our Renters Collision Policy that will relieve you of any responsibility if something goes wrong. Now if there is an accident all you have to do is make sure you and your passengers are safe, then call our office before any repairs are made. We will handle the rest.

When you need a rental car, ignore those other places and make your way to Mease Motors, We have a great selection of car rentals available in Jonestown, PA.

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